Smile Makeover & Hollywood Smile

Smile Makeover & Hollywood Smile

The ‘Smile Design’ treatment we offer at our clinic in Turkey employs professional aesthetic dental physicians. While preparing a new smile design, or smile makeover, for our international patients, we pecisely examine many important dental criteria.

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Smile Design & Hollywood Smile & Smile Makeover in Turkey

The patient’s age, dental analysis, gingival level, facial analysis, lip analysis and the patient’s wishes, are all taken into consideration before any treatment commences.

smile turkeyA beautiful smile positively affects one’s daily life, and improves social relationships. Our ‘Smile Makeover’ not only provides the patient with a perfect smile, but also corrects other dental problems they may have. The treatment will provide the patient with a more youthful appearance and prevent unwanted facial wrinkles.

Since the year 2000, our ‘Smile Studio’ at ‘Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre’ is considered to be the most popular in Turkey. Our experienced cosmetic dentists only use the latest technology in dental health equipment. Working with computer-aided 3D design software, integrated with CAD-CAM and CEREC technology, our physicians and technicians can expeditiously create a new smile for the patient, while leaving them with time to enjoy a pleasant holiday in Antalya.

Hollywood Smile Design in Turkey

The ‘Hollywood Smile Makeover’ has emerged in recent years with more and more patients wishing to have the beautiful white teeth that Hollywood actors and actresses dazzle us with. We can swiftly provide that Hollwood Smile for our patients at ‘Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre’.

Our expert laboratory team can create the whitest of white teeth in our in-house laboratory, while at the same time they can temper that white, using colour swatches, to the patient’s desired colour tone.

Have the perfect smile of your dreams …

Creating a new smile at our dental clinic in Turkey?

Before treatment, our dental team will consider the patient’s gum shape, the size of the teeth, the shape of the teeth and how they look when opening and closing the mouth. It is important to think about the proportion of the teeth and how far they extend in relation to the mouth, while at the same time, our team will consider the healthy aspects of the final smile, all the while bearing in mind the patient’s wishes.

How long does it take to create a Smile Design?

The shape of teeth and gums may vary depending on the health of the patient, and this can effect the time the various procedures take, as too, there are many different and varied types of treatment available in dentistry, and each will have a different treatment duration. However, with the latest and advanced computer technology, it is possible to design and produce a new tooth in-house in as little as 30 minutes, allowing the dentist to make dental rehearsals almost immediately.

How many visits are needed to complete the Smile Design Makeover?

The number of visits may vary depending on the current condition of the patient’s teeth, and the selected treatment. As our clinic uses the latest technology, our team can prepare a full smile makeover in just 4 to 7 days. Allowing the patient to enjoy their holiday here in Turkey. And when arriving home, the patient will flash their friends with their new and dazzling Hollywood Smile.


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What dental problems require aesthetic dentistry?

We use cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry to eliminate dental deformities, in the treatment of:

  • discolored, yellowed and stained teeth
  • diseases damaging the tooth enamel
  • of gingival disorders
  • fractured, damaged and cracked teeth
  • And to:
  • eliminate disturbances in tooth alignment
  • fill the gaps between the teeth
  • restore missing teeth
  • ensure harmony between the teeth and lips
  • remove inconsistency in tooth sizes
  • adjust occlusion and correct closure disturbances
  • offer a younger look

Teeth, and their effect on you and others;

According to research, when we meet socially, in meetings, or in a job interview, we are first attracted to the other person’s eyes. Our attention then moves to the mouth area, of which the most important element is the teeth.

digital smile designThe first thing most of us do in the morning is brush our teeth, and while doing so we might look at ourselves in the mirror, and we always study our teeth. We look at the structure while we pay attention to cleaning our teeth, and we may wish that they weren’t so crooked, or that they looked discoloured, or that they were chipped at the edges. It is then that we wonder if we can have our teeth straightened, or have them whitened, or capped so that the edges line up nicely. If the problems are bad, they might have an effect on our self-confidence, and if that is the case, the patient might want to take that first step and make an appointment with an aesthetic dentist to give them back their magic smile. A Smile Design will resolve all of these problems.

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