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We offer the latest dental technology operated by highly experienced dental professionals. Founded in 2000 by Turkey’s most popular dentist, Mehmet Işlek, ‘Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre’ provides the highest level of quality with exacting international hospital standards, and is probably the most experienced in Turkey.


As Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre, our main purpose is, to provide the high quality with affordable prices for the patients who are seeking for their dream smile.Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre is the first dental centre which has started Dental Tourism in Antalya, thanks to this 24 years of experience with thousands of international patients from all over the World, Attelia has an incredible experience to complete even the most complicated treatments in a very short time of period.

We know very well that we owe this success and comfortable treatment which we provide has been deriving from our amazing team, our experienced dentists, nurses, technicians and our International Health Department, you will enjoy your holiday while you are having the best dental treatments.

Attelia has been awarded by different authorities in those years, we are so honoured that Attelia will keep serving you following the latest technology as having been serving for 24 years to our precious patients.







SINCE 2000+



IAE & British Dental Awards 2021 International Oscars Of Dentistry 

Best Endodontist 2021 In Turkey Presented To Dr. Evren Ok

IAE & British Dental Awards 2021 International Oscars Of Dentistry 

Best Dental Tourism Provıder 2021 - Turkey Presented To Attelia Oral And Dental Health Center

Rose Of Paracelsus Award

Belgium 2019

International Oscars Of Dentistry

Best Cosmetic Dentist In Turkey

Rose Of Paracelsus Award


International Awards Of Excellence IAE & British Dental Awards 2020

Best Dental Clinic

IAE & British Dental Awards 2021 International Oscars Of Dentistry 

Best Implantology Team 2021 - Turkey Presented To Attelia Oral And Dental Health Center

The International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality 2023

Belgium 9 July 2023

International Award of Excellence IAE & British Healthcare Awards

Best Healthcare Awards - London



Our dental centre comprises 29 modern, fully equipped treatment rooms where our expert dental physicians offer the patient a professional and painless service. Antalya’s leading clinic has six in-house operating theatres equipped for general anaesthesia, both with fully trained staff, together with in-house dental laboratories where our dental technicians design your teeth on the spot according to your wishes. Hygiene is guaranteed with the latest sterilisation facilities.

International Temos Accreditation

Temos Worldwide is one of the World’s leading accredition organizations. Attelia is proud to announce to be awarded with the “Excellence in Dental Tourism”, “Quality in Dental Care” and “Preferred Dental Clinic by The Diplomatic Council” certificates.

Founded in 2010 with its headquarter in Germany, Temos is a leading quality standards auditor worldwide. The aim of Temos accreditation is to objectively assess and verify the quality of medical and non-medical services, to determine the potential for improvemewnt and to optimize the quality of provided services. The name of the institution consists of the abbreviatons of Trust, Effective Medicine and Optimized Services.

Our advanced technology includes;

The exceptional 3D Tomography scanner; software, for digital implant planning; and the ‘Ray-Set’ surgical guide system; allowing our dental physicians to plan Computer Guided Dental Implants without the need of gingival surgery and sutures (this is only available for patients with the required bone thickness and density). We offer dental implants sourced internationally so that we may give our patients probably the best service available in Turkey.

Other state-of-the-art technological facilities include; laser technology and CEREC Technology where veneers, crowns, and porcelain restorations can be achieved within 30 minutes, limiting the time our patients spend during treatment, and allowing them to have more time to enjoy their holiday. The overall preparation for full-porcelain veneer crowns or laminates can be achieved in between one and four days depending on the number of teeth that need to be restored.

As mentioned, ‘Attelia Oral and Dental Health Centre’ includes six fully equipped operating theatres for the safe administration of general anaesthesia, and where we can offer dental treatment (under sedation) for patients with severe dental phobia, who are disabled, or who may suffer from nausea. Patients are welcome to have a friend or family member come along and sit with them during their dental treatment.

Our dental services offer the highest quality at reasonable prices – Unlike other dental clinics, we do not have agency affiliation, and as a result, our patients will not be expected to pay any hidden or additional commission fees. If you wish to feel at home, Attelia will be the right address for you.

Why is Attelia not Franchising?

Unlike many other healthcare organisations, as Attelia, in order not to compromise on our quality principles and patient satisfaction, we make our own investments and do not favour the franchising system.

Since 2000, Attelia continues to provide services to domestic and foreign patients at international standards by integrating continuously developing health technologies into its structure and succeeding in gathering experienced dentists and competent health personnel under one roof. We have achieved optimum quality thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, the investments we have made in health technologies and the awards we have received in the field of dental health.

The most important handicap of the franchising system is to maintain quality and patient satisfaction at an optimum level. We do not provide franchising to ensure that our service quality and patient satisfaction are sustainable at the best level.




Our Patients Voice: Real Experiences

Each of your comments guides us in perfecting our services. We always prioritize your trust and satisfaction, and we sincerely thank you for your appreciation, suggestions, and reviews.

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01 Jun 2024

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26 Feb 2024

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06 Jul 2024

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29 Mar 2024

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06 Jul 2024

A family of 4 travelled to this clinic and received the best dentistry from start to finis...

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Faris M

09 May 2024

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Nicola Walker

10 Jul 2024

I arrived a week ago at the clinic … after initial consultation the work to be completed w...

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Andrei Pop

08 Aug 2023

$Dear Team at Attelia Dental Clinic$I am writing to express my immense gratitude and app...

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Tyler G

25 Jun 2024

My second visit at the clinic, first 4 years ago, I have come back to get my bottom jaw do...

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