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On arrival at our clinic a panoramic tomography scan will be taken of the patient’s mouth. This will give our dental surgeons the ability to assess the state of the patient’s teeth and bone structure, alert the physician to any existing health issues that might need to be addressed, and will eliminate any complications during the dental implant procedure. This scan is also crucial as it will allow our senior dental surgeon, Dr. Mehmet İşlek, who has thirty-nine years dental experience, to introduce an implant without interfering with the patient’s nervous system or salivary glands.

Non-Surgical Implantation does not involve making incisions into the patient’s gums, as is usual in other implant procedures, and therefore, negates the need for sutures after the procedure has been completed. With no incisions, it is generally not necessary to apply local anaesthesia, however this is available for those patients with sensitivity issues.

In the next stage, the surgeon will take a mould of the patient’s teeth to create a translucent acrylic base plate. This, together with the aid of a computer guide, will allow Dr. İşlek to study the best positions to insert the implant(s).

During the procedure, Dr. İşlek will give every attention to preserve the patient’s periosteum membrane, which protects the bone in the implant area, thus speeding up the healing process.

We believe that non-surgical implantation, using the guiding computer, gives far superior results than other implant procedures.

The Non-Surgical implantation process takes between 1- 5 minutes.

The Benefits of Guided Implants:

  • No incisions or sutures
  • Expeditious procedure
  • Expeditious healing time
  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Predictable positive results

Non-Surgical Guided Implant

Some of the advantages offered by advanced technology include dental simulation software and surgical guides. Prior to the procedure, a surgical guide is precisely designed, using a state-of-the-art computer and three-dimensional image software, eliminating any risks and uncertainty to the patient. This also allows for the dentist to test new ideas, and correct implant insertion angle errors, long before implementation on the patient.

The final surgical guide is then prepared, literally allowing the transferrance, of the plan made on the 3D program, to the mouth of the patient.

Steps for Surgical Guide Procedure

The first step is to take a full dental impression from the patient.

Our laboratory technicians will then make a gypsum casting, using this, the necessary planning takes place with the aid of our three-dimensional computer software.

A trial with the patient is assessed by the dental surgeon to make any final adjustments.

A final surgical guide is made in our laboratory, and the procedure then tales place.

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