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While designing your new smile we utilise the latest dental technology. In our in-house laboratories our expert dental technicians, using a wide range of the latest innovative dental technology and skill, design the smile of your dreams. For instance, the 3D CAD-CAM system allows us to design your perfect smile.






International Sterilization Standards

The clinical care and health of our patients is so very important to us. Following very strict hygiene policies, our sterilisation and disinfection techniques meet the highest of international standards. Our patients can be secure in the knowledge that the sterilisation processes used in our clinic, which are constantly monitored, guarantee that all dental tools are completely sterile before use. Following strict hospital guidelines, specially trained personnel hermetically seal sterilised items in a spotlessly clean environment.

CEREC® Technology

Before the advent of the CEREC® CAD-CAM dental restoration system, treatment for dental veneers would take about seven days – we can now provide this treatment on the same day. For quite some time our clinic has utilised the CAD-CAM dental restoration system, one of the dental miracles used around the world. The treatment involves taking an infrared picture of the patient’s existing teeth, and using the necessary computer software, a new design is made to restore the patient’s smile.

Utilising this system we provide high-quality ceramic crowns, ceramic dental laminates, dental veneers, inlays and onlays on the same day for our patients coming from abroad.

Panoramic X-Ray

The Panoramic Dental X-Ray uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to capture the entire mouth in one image. It is commonly performed by dentists and oral surgeons in everyday practice, and may be used to plan treatment for dentures, braces, extractions and implants.


‘Zoom’ Tooth Whitening

Our clinic can now provide the popular ‘Zoom Tooth Whitening’ system. Compared to other tooth whitening procedures, which can take two hours or more to complete, the ‘Zoom Tooth Whitening’ system gives perfect results in only an hour.


Magnetic Mallet Equipment

The Magnetic Mallet is used for sinus lift, bone compression and expansion during dental implant surgery. This equipment can be used in four different modes providing greater visibility and control, preserving the bone and ensuring the greatest possible comfort for the patient.

The Comfort-in TM: Pain free – needle free injection

This miraculous equipment is a godsend for those patients who suffer from dental phobia. Free from any needles, the patient will not feel the pain associated with needle injections.


Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System

This ultrasonic vibration system provides the safest and effective treatment in oral and maxillofacial surgeries and dental implant surgery. It is utilised during sinus lift, implant site preparation, root and teeth preparation, and orthodontic surgery. This equipment has been designed for situations where the patient has a degraded bone structure.

New Tom Volumetric Tomography

Dental tomography offers the physician the ability to assess the patient’s bone density for implant planning. For this assessment, the tomography results are transferred to five-dimensional computer software, allowing the dentist to determine the healthiest positioning, regarding size and angle, of the intended implant for the patient.

With radiation doses a common concern amongst patients, we wish our patients to know that our 3-D Panoramic X-Ray machine and New Tom Volumetric Tomography use only the very minimum amount of radiation.

Volumetric Tomography captures the entire mouth in a single image, and will reveal such dental problems as, cysts residing in the jaw, sinusitis, impacted teeth and wisdom teeth, tumours in the jaw, etc. The results also act as a guide for dental implants, crown positioning, dentures, dental bridges and braces.

PRP Equipment

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, uses injections of a concentration of a patient’s own blood platelets to accelerate the healing in dental procedures. The procedure involves the releasing of growth factors that stimulate the stem cells, which cause blood clotting and the production of new tissues, helping to heal wounds quickly.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is especially used for dental implant procedures, such as; bone grafting, sinus lift, and bone defect fistula repair between the mouth and sinus cavity.

Note: Patients with bleeding disorders do not qualify for this in-house procedure!

Utilising the latest scientific and dental technology we aim to perform high-quality and memorable treatment for our patients.


Dental Laser Equipment

Lasers come under two classifications: those for soft tissues, and those for hard tissues, andare used in a variety of dental treatments, such as; pain reduction, removal of tooth decay, the disinfection of a root canal, gingival lightening (gum colour), reducing sensitivity in sensitive teeth, blood clotting after tissue invasion, welding titanium framework on multiple implants, treatment of herpetic ulcers, decontaminating of implants, provide impeccable accuracy and visibility for the dental surgeon, and they reduce the time of procedures.

‘All On Four’ Treatment In Two Days

Utilising the latest technological standards, and depending on the patient’s health, the dentists and technicians in our clinic can complete the ‘All on Four’ treatment within 2 days. We achieve this by taking the necessary measurements for the dental prosthesis immediately after implantation. Using the EXOCAD software, in conjunction with an Extra Oral Scanner, the design is immediately transferred to a 3D printer resulting in a new permanent prosthesis within hours.

General Anaesthesia Services

For patients suffering from dental phobia our clinic has six fully functional operating theatres offering general anaesthesia. While undergoing their dental treatment, the patient will be supervised by a team of fully qualified anaesthetists and nursing assistants. While the patient sleeps our professional dental surgeons will work to provide them with a beautiful new smile.


The Physiodispenser is equipment designed essentially for implantologists, but can also be used during other oral surgery procedures. Utilising this equipment, the dentist can adjust the bone and other hard tissues just prior to an implant being positioned. The procedure is quick, and is both safe and comfortable for the patient.


Our patient’s health and wellbeing are of paramount importance to the team at Attelia. The Autoclave sterilising technology is designed to hygienically clean the tools and equipment we use during dental procedures. An Autoclave is a pressure chamber that uses pressurised steam (250 – 270 Fahrenheit) to clean the items for 10-15 minutes.

Apex Locator

In addition to diagnostic radiography, our Endodontics team use the Apex Locator to determine the length of the root canal space by using the resistance to an electric current, offering the patient an almost painless and rapid treatment.


Erythritol powder, with a particle size of 14 µm, aims to remove biofilm, dental plaque, early dental tartar, and discoloration in the mouth by spraying the teeth and surrounding tissues with pressurized water. It has very low abrasive properties.

Thanks to the device's special heating system and the fact that it does not operate when held at the wrong angle, it provides minimum sensitivity and minimal pain to the patient which is a treatment method designed with the latest technology. Since the effectiveness of the device is better than the classical scaling/polishing process, the process takes less time and increases patient comfort.


During check-up for All on 4/5/6 patients, cleaning the area around the implant after removing the patient's prosthesis. In the treatment of linear gingival erythematous gums that may occur after a crown In cleaning early tooth stones For patients who want minimally invasive treatment (patients who complain of slight discoloration such as coffee or cigarette smoke) In diagnoses of periodontal disorders such as gingivitis or periodontitis. In the treatment of peri-implantitis


Preventing plaque-related gingivitis Accelerating the healing of the gums thanks to the Erythritol powder used Preventing retention areas where plaque and bacteria can sit by making the tooth surface smoother.

Preventing discoloration caused by external factors by ensuring the smoothness of the tooth surface. It cleans the teeth and cheeks, changes the oral flora, eliminates bad breath, and causes less caries.


In a patient diagnosed with periodontal disease, areas such as teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks are first painted with a special plaque dye. In areas where the plaque density is high, coloration is observed thanks to the special structure of the plaque dye. These areas are shown to the patient and patient motivation is provided. As a second stage, biofilm, plaque, and early-stage tartar are removed with GBT technology without causing any scratches on the tooth enamel/restoration.

Then, stubborn supragingival and subgingival tartar is cleaned with piezon tips. In cases of advanced periodontitis / peri-implantitis, erythritol powder is applied with a periflow tip after cleaning the periodontal pocket with a piezon tip. In this way, by applying therapy to the gums, tooth surfaces and tissues around the teeth are perfectly cleaned and natural tissues are permanently protected.

Children’s Play Room

In order to make your visits more enjoyable, we have set up flat screen T.V.s in each of our treatment rooms, and in our children’s playroom. For practical reasons this allows us to share with the patient X-Rays and other images while discussing aspects of the their treatment. The T.V.s can also be used by patients for entertainment while waiting between procedures during their appointment with us. Patients may sit back and relax watching their favourite show or choose one of the many movies in the file, while their children may play their favourite video games or watch a movie while waiting.





We tell you the total cost of your treatment from the beginning and then avoid any additional costs. You can be assured that there will be no extra cost, except the total cost of dental treatment sent to you. You will be answered by both email & WhatsApp.

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