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Our clinic has had a special interest in cosmetic and implant dentistry since the year 2000.

Multi-unit abutment is a special type of abutment (superstructure) used for dental implants. Abutments are structures that are placed over dental implants and allow for the fixation of dental prostheses to be placed over the implants.

The multi-unit abutment treatment option allows the surgeon to follow a more flexible protocol for the placement of dental implants into the bone and to place the dental implants according to the bone level and orientation, regardless of the angle or orientation of the implants. This ensures better stability of the dental implants and a more natural appearance of the dentures. 

The prosthetic treatment option with multi-unit abutments can also be applied to implant patients with low bone density and is extremely safe.

Multi-unit abutments come in various sizes and angles. Sizes can vary according to the type and brand of dental implant used and the patient's gum and bone structure. The most common angles used are 0°, 17°, 30° and 45°, but in some cases special angle types with higher inclinations are also available. These different angles offered give the surgeon more position flexibility when placing the implants.

Benefits of Multi-unit Abutment

  • It can be safely applied in patients with insufficient bone density.
  • It offers the possibility of placement at different angles.
  • In cases of height inequality, it stabilises the restoration and distributes the force evenly during masticatory function.
  • No need for surgical intervention at the second visit in patients with immadiate installation.
  • Improves aesthetics thanks to smaller screw holes.
  • Reduces treatment time thanks to their predictability.

Multi-unit abutment is also of great importance in the placement of zirconia implants. Because zirconia implants are made of a harder and more delicate material than other implants. Therefore, they cannot be placed at any angle or direction like other implants. However, by using Multi abutment, the teeth can be placed as desired, regardless of the angle or direction of the implants. 

Multi-unit abutments are also used in All on 4, All on 6, All on 7 and All on 8 treatment methods, allowing edentulous patients to have a natural tooth appearance with implant-supported dentures. Thanks to the advantages of these special abutments, implants can be safely placed in edentulous areas and fixed prostheses that patients can use with a high level of comfort throughout their lives. Thus, the chewing function and aesthetic appearance lost by edentulous patients are restored. 

It is very important for patients to have a pleasant and comfortable process during implant treatment. With multi abutment treatment methods, the treatment process of patients is completed with minimal surgical intervention. Immadiately, that is, during the first visit, prosthetic loading is performed and chewing function and aesthetic requirements are restored to the patients. Implants are placed within a short period of time after the first visit and no surgical procedure is required on the second visit. As a result, the correct placement of implants and the use of multi-unit abutments, together with a correct treatment planning, shortens the treatment process of patients and offers a more predictable and more comfortable treatment process.


We tell you the total cost of your treatment from the beginning and then avoid any additional costs. You can be assured that there will be no extra cost, except the total cost of dental treatment sent to you. You will be answered by both email & WhatsApp.

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Chris Thompson - 1 month ago

Hi there I’m looking for quotes for full mouth implants, I have two partial dentures and the teeth I have are a mess. I believe it would be full extraction of what’s left and then restore with implants . Can you please send me what information you can Kind regards Chris

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Attelia Dental Turkey - 1 month ago Chris Thompson

Dear Chris Thompson,

Thank you for considering Attelia Dental. To restore your smile, we suggest scheduling a free consultation with our experienced dental team. Our dentists will assess your oral condition, discuss treatment options, and provide a detailed treatment plan for free, including estimated costs for full mouth implants. Attelia Team is going to reach back at you asap.

Kind Regards.

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WILLIAM Wilson - 1 month ago

I have snapon dentures on 4 implants on my bottom jaw I would like a fixed plate, I was told at the time of my x-rays that I had insufficient bone on my upper jaw to support implants is there anything you can do about this, I have a normal denture on the upper jaw

user image
Attelia Dental Turkey - 1 month ago WILLIAM Wilson

Dear William Wilson,

Thank you for reaching out. To assess the feasibility of a fixed plate for your upper jaw and discuss potential solutions for insufficient bone, Attelia Team's dentists and experts are going to contact you. They will be happy to offer free consultation and prepare your treatment plan.

Best Regards.

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Dean Markham - 2 months ago

Full top jaw denture with 4 to 6 implants and some teeth removed on the bottom with 3 implants all in one package flights stay in hotel & all treatment with no hidden charges

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Attelia Dental Turkey - 2 months ago Dean Markham

Dear Dean Markham,

To determine the most suitable option for you with all inclusive packages, it's essential to consult our experienced team of dentists. After the free consultation, they will assess your oral health, the condition of your teeth, and discuss your options. We'll be contacting you very soon.

Best Regards.