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With Attelia transparency since 2000…
Since Attelia has its own production laboratories, it can perform different coloured dental crowns and complex treatments in a very short time. In addition, all dental crowns and veneers are certified and come with warranty cards.

Metal supported porcelain crowns can be used to replace a single tooth, or as a bridge. The metal alloy in the substructure of the tooth formation is extremely durable but has low light transmittance. These crowns are more robust and durable, and are generally used for the rear teeth (molars) that are exposed to pressure when chewing. Metal supported porcelain crowns are often used in tandem with implants.

However, metal supported porcelain crowns are not often used to replace front teeth, as they do not transmit light effectively. When designing a new smile for our patients we recommend veneers with a higher permeability and more natural appearance such as zirconium and ‘E-Max’ for these anterior teeth.

The dental technologies available to us in our in-house laboratory allow us to create high-quality dental coatings over the metal alloy substructure of the crown. This is achieved using a fine spray for coating the metal before being baked in a high temperature oven. The result is a very durable finish that will harmonise with the patient’s natural teeth.

When are metal supported porcelain crowns required?

  • For the treatment of broken, cracked or surface damaged teeth.
  • Ideal for patients who are not satisfied with their tooth alignment or smile.
  • To replace missing teeth.
  • When it is necessary to strengthen, protect and support weak teeth.
  • Recommended for use with dental implants.
  • Have a cosmetic benefit for patients who are generally unsatisfied with their existing teeth.

We tell you the total cost of your treatment from the beginning and then avoid any additional costs. You can be assured that there will be no extra cost, except the total cost of dental treatment sent to you. You will be answered by both email & WhatsApp.

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Luke wootton - 4 months ago

I’ve had root canals in my two front teeth and they aren’t shaped nicely. I’m looking for a price to fix the aesthetic of them and also a whitening

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Attelia Dental Turkey - 4 months ago Luke wootton

Dear Luke Wootton, Kindly know that you may use the link or WhatsApp below, To get more accurate response & information regarding the price from our experts & dentists. Kind Regards. https://atteliadental.com/get-a-quote +90 541 312 50 26